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I am a real state agent associated with the international real estate network RE/Max and I also have a holiday rental agency in Mallorca, Mallorca Vacation Villas. I make many people’s dream of finding their ideal property to spend the rest of their life or a part of it come true. I also help people who want to spend their holidays in Mallorca to do so in an intimate, comfortable, independent, peaceful and family-friendly way.

I am a Systems Engineer by profession with a Masters in Business Administration and have worked as an engineer for 12 years of my life. In 2007 I made a personal and professional shift away from engineering and embarked into the business world as Marketing Manager in a family tourism project in the Dominican Republic. I started to familiarise myself with social networks and remote work. It was a great professional responsibility. This time was key to awaken my interest in the online world and in 2011 I decided to do a postgraduate course in Community Manager.

In January 2014 I opened my own online company, a travel agency, and in March 2015 I opened a holiday rental agency. In 2016 I started my career in real estate as I started to meet a lot of people through holiday homes and I realised that there could be a connection between holiday rentals and property sales and long term rentals. In May 2019 I decided to close the travel agency to dedicate myself 100% to real estate and vacation rentals. In October 2019 I took a professional leap by becoming an Associate Agent at Remax Island Real Estate to be able to give a better service with teamwork and professionalism. In 2020 I finished my Master in Real Estate Management.

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